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    Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (filter) was founded in 2001 the Wo beneficially owned by the brand is known at home and abroad. Filter - Yick Wo committed to the air filter, comes with the fan filter unit (FFU) and other purification equipment and clean room product development, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and related technical equipment services. Yick Wo has no partition of the most advanced computer-controlled air filter, baffle the air filter and folded filter automatic production lines, with perfect detection means, and a clean-production workshop. The Wo benefits the production of various types of purification and filtration products are widely used in various fields of semiconductor, nuclear industry, electronics, medicine, health, and biological experiments. The the Wo benefits of quality management system has been successfully obtained ISO9001: 2008 certification, the Wo benefits of the product has passed the SGS / RoHS certification.

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